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Lotto tips.. CA, Scratchers - YouTube Mar 10, 2015 · Scratching ALL of these tickets! AMAZING ACES & TRIPLE 7 California Lottery Scratcher Tickets - Duration: 18:17. Jonius Gato's Lotto Scratchin' 18,562 views California Millions (1342) - The California Lottery's latest $30 Scratchers ticket is here! Play California Millions Scratchers®! Showcasing our state animal, the CA Grizzly Bear, and offering tons of features including Bonus Spots, Multipliers, and 36 chances to win! With a top prize of $10,000,000, you could be … Play - California Lottery

Why play just any scratchers ticket offer by the California Lottery, when you can select the best ticket? This site list California lottery scratcher games in order of to provide you the best chance of winner with the highest payout. Although winning is not guaranteed, this list ranks the current scratcher games by prize amounts, total number of prizes, and prizes unclaimed.

Off-Ramp® | Why are there so many dead lotto scratchers on the ... Mar 28, 2014 ... Three California Lottery Scratchers tickets, littered on the ground in Los Angeles. Kevin Ferguson/KPCC. Kevin Ferguson | Off-Ramp® | March ...

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Scratchers. Price: $10. Overall Odds: 2.98. Top PrizeOverall Odds Washington's Lottery - Scratch - Ticket Prize Odds Odds are determined by a simple calculation: take the total number of tickets in a game and divide it by the total number of prizes in that game. Tickets divided by prizes equals overall odds. Consider this example: There are 100 marbles in the mixed bag illustrated above. Second Chance Lottery Scratchers & Lotto Drawings: Odds… Entering your losing scratcher into a second chance lottery drawing gives you much better odds of winning a top prize.Whether it’s laziness, or just a lack of understanding of the odds, most lottery players fail to take advantage of the much better chances one has when entering the second chance... Приложения в Google Play – Lottery Scratch Offs & Lotto - Best California Lottery Scratcher Tickets

unfair practices and odds | Lottery Post The only way the odds printed on the ticket tobe accurate would be if all tickets were distributed. I think the only people really winning on scratchers are the retailers and the ca lottery. California Lottery - Wizard of Odds Introduction. If you must play, the best odds for bets under $5 is on the Hot Spot game, which claims to return 63.5% of money bet, which is better than the usual 50%. For bets of $5 or more, scratch cards offer the best value, with returns ranging from 67% to 80%, depending on the bet size. Scratchers | Arizona Lottery